I am a mother of many skills and trades. I was first and will always be a photographer. It was my most defining identity in my youth, and I became very good at it. I attended Art Institute of Seattle (as well as Pittsburgh) and became even better at it. I married young and became a US Marine Wife. We are still happily married (since 2004); don’t take this lightly, marriage is a lot of work. I had my first two sons while my husband was stationed in California 2004-2008. My second two sons I had while I was stationed in Washington State; I served in the US Navy 2011-2015. During my enlistment, I gained many new perspectives, skills, trades, and experience. I am a Cub Scout Mom. I have served in many scouting positions, to include Den Leader, which is very much like being a volunteer elementary school teacher once a week! Recently, my family (husband and four sons + sister, niece and nephew) joined a LARPing group. My husband and sons have always been into sword fighting and gaming; now we get to adventure together into a fictional world where we are our own avatars! Life takes you to amazing places, meeting amazing people, everyone you meet and all of your experiences + your attitude and outlook shape you into who you are and will become. I’m enjoying the ride!