I have been wanting to start a blog for some time now. In my 30 years of living and learning and loving and losing and gaining and growing and becoming who I am today, I feel that I have a lot to share. I have also met many people in my life that want to learn from me. To the point where I was a Transitional Life Coach for a stretch, which was one of the most rewarding ventures in my life. So, if this blog can reach and help a single person, it will be worth it. If I reach nobody, it will still be worth it, for I need an outlet to sort and organize all the many attributes of me. As always, to become a better me.

This is my first post, and I truly struggled with how to start this new venture in my life. I’ve been reflecting on my biggest heroes of the written word… JRR Tolkien, Robert Zelazny, Terry Goodkind, Stephanie Myer, Cassandra Clare… to name a few. And the first thing that came to mind was from the LOTR documentary. It was the story of how Tolkien started writing the Hobbit. He was grading papers one day and simply wrote down on a blank page “In the hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit” and from there, it was no longer a blank page. It was the beginning of something great. Anything he wanted it to become. His own venture. Well, this is my venture. And I think I’d like to start it out with something that is a constant betterment in my life, also a tribute to one of my three amazing parents.

My step-mom taught me many things before she passed, but one thing that rang loud and true in creating who I am today is “mind over matter”. I think it first came about in a conversation we had on how she was never ticklish. I tried and tried and she never flinched. She then one day told me that it was not that she wasn’t ticklish, but that she used mind over matter to control her actions and reactions. As I reflected on that time and time again since my youth, I realized how many ways that truly applies to everyday life. Overcoming uncomfortable times in life is as simple as applying the MOM method. We may not be able to control the situation we are in, but we can certainly control how we handle ourselves in that situation. Control first, your state of mind, then through sheer will power, you can make the best of any situation.

I have tried and will continue to try to instill in my boys (my four wonderful sons) the power of a positive attitude. It can make work fun, brighten someone’s day, enrich someone’s soul. I pray that one day they will use this powerful wisdom to shape their own lives in such a positive manner that the negative weight of the world will not take hold and shape them.